Wood Badge

Wood Badge

Why attend?

Have you ever been on a trip that you didn’t know where you were going? How did you know when you got there? How can you teach the youth in your unit if you don’t know the skills yourself?

Wood Badge is the ultimate personal and professional growth training program offered by the Boy Scouts of America; it is a national course curriculum delivered locally by volunteer staff.

Wood Badge is about enhancing your leadership skills through hands-on experience, to help you take those skills back to your unit or District and put them to work to develop effective leaders and youth where you serve. Wood Badge is Designed to be taken within the first 2 years of joining the BSA.

This comprehensive training course was started by Robert Baden-Powell to help leaders hone their skills, extend their understanding of the youth they lead and the adults with whom they work, and to reach new levels of personal growth and learning as Scouters.

Wood Badge provides advanced training in leadership and teamwork for adult leaders in all Scouting programs.

Wood Badge consists of more than three dozen training sessions, complemented by real-time participation in Pack, Troop, and Crew activities where you role model as a youth, living the patrol method.

The instructional portion of the course consists of the two weekends, followed by an 18-month application phase in which each participant completes what is known as their “ticket”, a series of personal goals developed during the course.

What are the requirements to attend?

To be eligible for Wood Badge a participant must be a registered adult with the BSA and have completed the Leader Specific Training course for their current position in Scouting.

Scoutmasters/Asst. Scoutmasters and Varsity Coaches/Asst. Coaches need to also have taken the Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills training for their position.

This training must be completed prior to the course.

Who should attend Wood Badge?

Wood Badge is for all leaders that want to improve the Scouting program.This is the highest level of adult training in the BSA. We encourage all leaders to attend and refresh your batteries while building your leadership skills to enhance the program in your unit, District and Council.

That means Den Leaders, Committee members, Varsity Team Asst. Coaches, Crew leaders, and everyone in between. Wood Badge is for you.

Register for the next Course!

October 25-27 and November 9-11

Participants must be registered leaders with the BSA, and have completed the basic training course appropriate for their position.

2019 Course Fee is $275 ($75 Deposit Required, Balance Due by October 25, 2019)

Early Bird Fee is $250 ($75 Deposit Required, Balance Due Before September 15, 2019)

This year’s course runs two long weekends:

October 25-27, beginning Friday morning at 7:30am
November 9-11, beginning Saturday morning at 7:30am

[email protected]

$275.00 per Registrant
$125.00 per Staff

Before 9/15/2019 a discount of $25.00 will apply to all Registrant Registrants.

There is no refund policy for this course.