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Cub Parent Weekends

Camp Josepho’s Cub Parent Weekend creates two opportunities: for parents to teach the values of the Cub Scout program, and for Cub Scouts to learn more about their parent’s values and beliefs, all while sharing in outdoor activities and memories that will last a lifetime. We have noticed that dedicating time to your child one-on-one brings the best out of parent and child.


πŸ• March 24-26, 2023. Spring Camp Josepho Family Camp. Registration closes March 10th

All registered cub scouts and their families can attend. Each cub scout or family must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. This family weekend provides a unique and special bonding experience for Cub Scout families.

Fun-filled Activities! Each season has a different program with different crafts and events. Common to all seasons are the B.B.’s and archery events, which are a favorite among the Scouts. Cub Scouts participating in these events can earn the B.B.’s and archery belt loops, only available through programs such as this.

Activities can include:

  • Program Activities (One Scout and One Parent participate together)
  • Campfire Programs
  • Disco Dance Party
  • Assorted Crafts
  • Archery
  • B.B. Shooting
  • Cooking
  • Field Sports
  • Much, much more!

Check out this cool camper video!

Easy Camping Experience for One Low Price!

This is an easy way to do camping. All you bring is your tent, sleeping bag and toiletries. All of your food is provided at the Lodge!

The weekend includes all food from Saturday breakfast to Sunday breakfast, all craft supplies, patch and camping fees. T-shirts are available for pre-order on the registration page.


  • Deadline for registration is the Friday one week before camp starts, or 150 Cub Scouts.
  • Register early to secure a space.
  • Family Camp opportunities are available at Camp Emerald Bay and Camp Whitsett.

Required Forms

For additional information:
Contact the Camping Department at (818) 933-0130 [email protected]