Webelos Adventure Camp

Webelos Adventure Camp

This immersive four day long program provides an excellent transitional experience from Cub Day Camp to the traditional Boy Scout Summer Camp. Campers will get used to spending multiple nights in the outdoors while learning new skills and seeing everything Camp Josepho has to offer!

Webelos Adventure Camp

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July 18th- July 21st

Check-in is at 3:00pm on the first day

Check-out is at 8:00pm on the last day

Webelos get to experience the many adventures of camp and get a taste of each of the different programs offered at Camp Josepho. Campers will get the opportunity to build robots, shoot BB guns, make movies, 3D print objects and expand their horizons during this unique program.

  • Scouts who have completed the third grade but not the fifth grade
  • Or be 10, but not yet 11 1/2
  • Group must observe two-deep leadership and have one adult for each 4 Scouts
  • Individuals Scouts must come with one parent or guardian
  • Medical Forms Parts A, B and C required

$250 per Scout
$90 per Adult (at least 1 adult per 4 Webelos)
Early Bird Discount
Register by May 1st, 2021 to receive $15 off per Scout!